Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello. In this space, i hope we can share concepts, questions, triumphs, & obstacles ... all in an ongoing conversation that will advance our shared goals of promoting student reflective learning and authentic assessment. There is a lot i could say, but i've been doing a lot of talking, already, so for now, i will cover your pre-Thursday tasks. 

1.) Make sure you email our Canvas & Innovation Center guru, Seth Gurell ( so that he can set up your course "shell" in Canvas (later, when your fall courses are available, you can simply "import" course content from the shell). 2.) Access your COMET Course Objectives, and have them at the ready. 3.) Bring an existing or newly-designed "Signature Assignment" and Reflection prompts (if you have them -- if not, we can work on it in the morning). 

Thank you for joining the ePortfolio Project @ UVU!!


  1. How about "yes, and" to remind us of the improvisational spirit?

  2. i love it! LOVE it. i'll start a list and we'll vote on Friday (or maybe later in the summer, when we're clear headed after this week of getting a ton o' stuff done so quickly?) :)